Elizabeth Nyman
Data Engineer
Software and Technology Skills
Data Engineering
MySQL, Google Cloud Storage, Apache Solr, Apache Airflow
Scripting and Development
PyCharm, MySQL, Google Cloud Storage, Apache Solr, Apache Airflow
Data Analysis and Visualization
Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Scikit Learn, Jupyter, Django, Flask, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, D3, Zingcharts, Tableau
Business Development and Communication
GSuite, Microsoft Office Suite, Atlassian, Slack, Zoom
Blogging and Podcasting
Wordpress, Audacity, iMovie

I am a data engineer with a background in data analysis, data science, and library science. My collective skillsets mean I approach data architecture solutions with a "so what" mindset with the end goals of the data in mind. Data alone cannot produce value. Data with a purpose can do many things for a business.

Masters of Library and Information Science
University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignAugust 2012- August 2014

Data Curation 

Socio-technical Data Analytics

3.72 GPA

Bachelor of Arts
Eastern Illinois UniversityAugust 2008- May 2012

English with honors

3.88 GPA

Bachelor of Arts
Eastern Illinois UniversityAugust 2008- May 2012

French with honors

Art History minor

3.88 GPA

Lead Founder
Farmfront FoundationOctober 2019-present
  • Building a nonprofit with a mission to encourage a food-focused and sustainability-focused era in American agriculture and bringing in veterans to help lead that charge
  • Leads weekly live, online board meetings with founding board members over different time zones
  • Builds proposals for novel approaches to engage partnerships around the country to invest their attention and hopes in agriculture to western central Illinois
  • Bootstrapping an online education platform using Wordpress and PHP to help military service people, veterans, and civilians learn more about agriculture and horticulture practices. 
Data Scientist and Engineer
evolve24December 2016-present
  • Edits and advises technical knowledge communication in reports to clients and business development stakeholders to actuating and clearly describe technology tools and processes
  • Architects and finds custom open source data solutions to address client questions and concerns. Clients and projects range across commercial and government requirements. Projects may demand a timeline that lasts months or hours. Deliverables include Word reports and lightweight Python web apps with Javascript visualizations.
  • Manages new technology changes in time with immediate needs for long and short term products. Project requirements may need new visualizations or algorithms, which must be developed in time with immediate needs and then refined for future reuse.
  • Facilitates communication between multiple teams across different cities and time zones. Critical communication between teams ensures real time data quality management for multiple Solr Indexes, MySQL schemas, and Google Big Table.
Digital Marketing Analytics Specialist
Anheuser-Busch InBevNovember 2014 -November 2016
  • Leads in organizing, managing, and maintaining data for reports and questions concerning consumer data. Data comes from multiple sources and in many conditions. It includes but is not limited to consumer calls, consumer emails, and consumer activity on social media and online. Internal clients include Legal, Craft, and Marketing departments. 
  • Finds new areas to explore data, pulling from sources such as consumer direct contacts, website analytics, and social media. This includes but has not been exclusive to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • Lead tool and data design partner from my team with entities outside the social media analytics team I work within. This includes the internal Business Intelligence team to build a Hadoop cluster to centralize social media data for analysts. and University of Illinois partners to implement open source analytical tools such as ConText and SAIL.
Competitor Monitoring & Information Management Internship
Anheuser-Busch InBevJune 2014-August 2014
  • Researches competitive companies and the greater industry, applying manual methods to detect historic patterns of past financial data and the variables that may have affected said data.
  • Develops plans for and tests automating competitive  data collection and analysis, drawing in financial data and linking it to contextual, socially-driven data. Planning and testing includes sketching out the potential information architecture using Python and R with likely expansion towards tools that can handle large volumes of data.
  • Interviews competitor monitoring stakeholders for investigative questions and returns to them with regular reports written for cross-departmental audiences for review.
Information Science and Technology Internship
Abbott NutritionMay 2014-October 2014
  • Collects and presents incoming live data relevant to Abbott researchers’ fields from public rss feeds and using nonparametric methods in Python to create a custom “smart” grants opportunity feed reader from the American federal government with the intention of cutting down time spend researching grant opportunities.
  • Coordinates social network analysis map for research and development efforts to triangulate collaboration opportunities currently in NodeXL. 
  • Plans migration strategy of social network data to a graph database such as Neo4j.
  • Works with IT department to purchase and install needed software and services for processing and presenting data.
Socio-technical Data Analytics Research Assistant
University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information ScienceAugust 2013 - May 2014
  • Assisted research team members and primary investigator in tasks concerning their projects in text mining and automatic summarization.
  • Applied parametric and nonparametric techniques to data analysis concerning the National Center for Supercomputing Applications’ (NCSA) Project Indicator for health data surveillance.
  • Wrote about the emerging socio-technical data analytics program, working with library school administrators to spread information about the program and what the students in it were doing.
  • Interviewed university faculty and industry entities to recruit them to provide data for  student data analysis projects.
Technical Support Graduate Assistant
University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information ScienceAugust 2012 - July 2013
  • Developed and maintained services provided by the GSLIS Help Desk and Instructional Technology Design, offering technical assistance to students and faculty online and on campus in various capacities.
  • Assisted in the organization and presentations for workshops on using online classroom software and blogging platforms.
  • Provided live troubleshooting to students during evening online class hours.
  • Acted as a personal technical assistant to professors in their preparation and presentation of their online classes.