Thinking Up React Native App Ideas to Inspire Expanding My Skills

Recently, I’ve started learning React Native to expand my use and practice Javascript. There’s no smooth connection between my data science work and mobile web development. I do like building stuff though. These are 10 ideas I’ve mulled over that I think would be interesting to build:


A Gamer Friend Matching Platform

 Would use a Tinder-like matching process to quickly browse and mutually approach people for anything from your next raid to turnip buying


End of Life Organizer

For prepping online accounts, financial info, etc to be shared with specific people in your life upon the end of life


Emergency Contact Alert System

Sends an immediate alert with your GPS coordinates, time, and contact info to designated contacts when hit. It will also send an alert to local authorities with your contact information so they can follow-up on you. Comparatively a Life Alert for  women


Home Garden Planner

Data-Centric approach to garden planning, which matches ideal produce to the soil and climate on record for your designated plot of land using open source data on local soil and plat data


On-Demand Commercial Food Transportation Platform

Platform with on-demand jobs filling in smaller orders that can’t be taken care of by regular food transportation companies


Story Pitching Platform

To search for authors where their first three chapters or top of their short story is previewed.


Business Card Exchange Hub and Organizer

Gives you a canonical link to all your contact info and allows you to do the same for others. Exchange info via link, on phone tap, using a QR code, or even scanning a physical business card. Even create a physical business card template to send to an online business card business like MOO


Online Course Platform for 6-12 Grade Electives

Aimed at high school and jr high kids on learning subjects that are rarely or not well-covered in most classrooms like sex ed, Internet privacy, finance basics, and media literacy


Sewing and Needlework Pattern Sharing Platform

 Similar to Ravelry focused on sewing and embroidry


Internet Data-Visualization Bullet Journal App

Focuses on acting as an api-calling read-in app displaying your various goals